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Project D110

Project D110

Variant - Single Drawer

Introducing Project D110, a remarkable bespoke single drawer unit designed to elevate your vehicle's functionality and style. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this custom creation boasts a luxurious leather-trimmed and color-matched drawer front that seamlessly integrates with your vehicle's interior. But that's just the beginning of its features. With a lockable side pocket for added security and convenience, this unit offers the perfect storage solution for your essentials on the go. The centerpiece of Project D110 is its custom-built Iroko hardwood deck, meticulously designed to not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also provide a sturdy and practical platform for various purposes. The deck also incorporates a removable dog crate, thoughtfully designed and color-coded to perfectly complement your vehicle's overall look. Project D110 is the embodiment of elegance, functionality, and customization, ensuring that your vehicle stands out while meeting your unique needs.
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  • Design Breif

    Our client was seeking a unique and functional addition to his vehicle, a bespoke single drawer unit with custom leather trim to compliment his vehicle, a lockable side pocket, and a custom-built Iroko hardwood deck that incorporates a removable dog crate.

    The unit should seamlessly match the vehicle's colour scheme, offer secure storage, and blend elegantly with the vehicle's design. Quality and craftsmanship are paramount, the budget and finished specification were open for discussion.
    The project should prioritize style and durability, particularly regarding the drawer system and bespoke deck.

    The whole project had to be designed to be able to be manufactured and assembled at our factory in the UK and dismantled and shipped to ECD in Florida to be fitted in to the awaiting bespoke built Defender D110.

  • Included Finishes & Options

    Leather Options - Chocolate Brown Smooth

    Metal Finishes - Powder coated British Racing Green

    Options & Equipment -

    Lockable single drawer

  • Features

    Extra deep main drawer
    Bespoke hard wood deck
    Removable dog crate

  • Specifications

    Dimensions: Height - | Width - | Depth -

    Drawer Dimensions :

    Project Base Model - Chatsworth single drawer

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